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Heres the deal, for years I have been trying to write about my life, in a comic book format, however I kept getting in the way. I this, I that, it was getting to narci…

ssistic, without really trying to be. So ART the bastard god that he is, transformed me one day into EYE. a weird blue rectangular creature with one large Eye Ball, and a life time supply of sexual emotional blue balls, ha. Eye replaced the I. I only know myself to write about. My life is depressing and odd enough that it provides unyielding mounds of perpetual content. My life is my best and truest ART. … Also drawing a blue rectangle with a googly eye is much easier than say actually learning how to draw. That minor little detail always got in my way. So sit back and enjoy watching EYEs miserable life unfold in front of your, I’s.

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