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watch your language, it might run away with your brain!

Where to start with this old smock cocker. Well at the beginning I guess. I might make this a 3 parter perhaps. Its late at night,eyes bleeding, figured I should write something in case some lonely weirdo out there was looking forward to it.

I’ll have to warn you, I might not even use complete words or sentences, and spell checking might be a tall order. I’m drinking water out of a salad bowl because I’m too lazy to clean a cup. A definite indication of my lethargia.

To save us all time I think I will write portions of this story in point form. Well I actually probably wasted more time stating that fact. I should have just started writing it in point form and not said anything. I can’t concentrate. I owe 1800 dollars of back rent by Sunday.

Need to go milk something.

I have the word “Raped Ape”churning around in my head.  I picture a poor purple assed baboon running around the jungle, holding its asshole, screaming in the dark. I always get weird words stuck in my brain. It just spins them around like a laundry machine. A broken laundry machine with an uneven load trying to rinse the filth out of my brain tissues. Wobbling all lopsided. Big cocks eating socks. Blue cocks with chalk in their mouths playing hopscotch on the sidewalks. Hot day burns their bellies. Smells like roasting bacon. People licking each others lips and rubbing each others tits because they are sick.

For a whole year I had the word Serta Sealy roaming around in my head. For what foul reason would that serve? It was too be replaced by non other than Sklar Pepplar. What are these words? There are so many words out there that become household names, but what do they mean? How sinister mightn’t they be? They kind of have a ring to them but not really. Like Chef Boyordee. Some pudgy pasta eating pervert with ketchup sauce all over his cock. Ha! You know what replaced Sklar Pepplar? Calamari! Of all things! and to think I was vegan at the time. Bastards should pay rent in my head.



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