a free ride inside my diseased mind.

hand over the hang over

hand over the hang over

haunted by memories  of  jobs i didn’t even have

walking in circles mumbling mad sentences

that make little to know sense

voices in my head barking out weird orders:

“carve a flute out of a frozen carrot with a steak knife.”

“eat copious amounts of turmeric.”

“rub lipstick on your dick!”

some sort of short circuiting freak

synaptix snapping

smells like welding sparks

electric halos of unbirthed after thought

half baked ideas floating in buoyant amniotic sex fluid.

my spleen is trying to nickle and dime my liver.

meconium fed rabbits flossing their  teeth with frozen cheese grease

placenta gravy bubbling  in a brothel of glue

giant globs of brain slop inching its way down a wooden ladder

an over ripe brain flap

rotting in the noon


what have eye done?

wasted hours

trying to create

an undoneing machine

metallic springs, bolts, and horse guts spill on the floor

tape it all back in the hole

remember the words the tour guide once said:

“never eat a banana around a raped ape!”

get in trouble from your wife

because you forgot to buy grapes.





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