a free ride inside my diseased mind.


a tent that was once loved
my profile picture banishes me to pity and self loathing
a crucified disciple
cast into deep thought and self doubt
plummeting to the bowels of extinguished distinguishment
forced to watch re-runs of fun while drinking cans of carbonated memories
just part of the job requirements
ART sprinkles me with just enough happy moments to regret breathing

feeding on the rhine of excitement and overdue library books with snot on the pages
crusted mucoid jewels of past lives
we can burn plastic lawn chairs
and roast veggie wieners on them
accumulate mass amounts of keno tickets and use them as loin clothes
dance naked in the plastic metallic fire

while gouging our metallic tooth fillings out
and using them as radio transmitters to the forged frog gods
great pools of inner sanctum
frothing with filth and metabolic residue
consume vast amounts of testicular cancer
bought in cargo stock at walmart
stop me if im making sense
keeping up with the jonzes

trade yer broken dildo in for credit on a sex bike
we could go to an island
i have car
find beach, no bears or big kittty cats’
fuck like a mongloid with diaper rash
eat forbidden potatoes
search 4 a church with no ghod……….

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