a free ride inside my diseased mind.


what the hell is a multi purpose room used for any way?
multi purposes i guess.
and the rumpus room
what the hell is that
i wonder.
an animal perhaps
one so sick and fat
it cant lick its own back.
well what ever it is
it reminds me of cheap wood grained walls,
and stuffed painted fish,
mounted to unnatural landscapes
pool tables
bought at garage sales
with soda stains on them.

and most of all,
it reminds me
of a dirty postcard;
sent from
someone’s friend
on vacation in foreign lands
hidden behind a bottle of caruba rum
the corner hangs out
just enough
to catch a curious kids attention
and erase
all homosexual thoughts
that may exist
in its small
and delicate mind.

the honolulu girl
naked on a beach in hawaii,
well just the breasts are bare
nice and brown.
a note on the back says
“i love this town.”


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