a free ride inside my diseased mind.

hospital part 2

hospital part 2

what was the book about
i wonder…..

a man alone in a barren desert with a shovel
and a bucket.
rusted handle
old cigars and
buzzard meat.

a pin striped suite
a fedora
a red sun glow
he is in permanent silhouette,
he is burying his problems
in the frozen desert.

the desert has emotional frostbite
pock marked by buried guilt graves.
he comes here at the end of every day
an old  bucket full of new memories.

yesterdays was an affair.

in the distance
a fence of men all digging holes
he was not alone.

digging holes,

just to fill them in.

dust in the horizon.

clinking of tracks,
a subway pulls up
and we are in the big city underground
gusts of air peeling at the cities dust scabs
grey pink gum stained cement
polluted atmosphere
and homeless wrecks.


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