a free ride inside my diseased mind.

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my pen is.

questions such as and including

why is there a piece of cheddar cheese

sitting on the bathroom sink

looking up  at me while i brush my teeth

circle my head in great hovering buzzard swarms.

Circling and occasionally diving down,

talons outstretched,

red death beaks


parrot tongue blood thirsty grins,

snap at my thoughts,

eating my feelings,

digesting  my self-worth

and reasons for living.

Hour long marathons watching survivor man feasting on scorpions.

Ignore the incessant not so  handy man across the street

who decides it’s a  great idea to use a weed whacker

to mow his entire front lawn

on a sunny summer sunday afternoon.

I feast on apples and fake meat.

I never learn from my mistakes.


summer iodine

summer iodine

the summer is quickly approaching,
dirt storms galore.
forget it,
start over.
this had better not be a lonely summer again,
sick and dying,
staring out a door screen
into oblivion
watch nothing watching her leave
everything dusty
filmed in old movie sepia,
iodine color.

break into an old cheap
deceased neighbours house,
he died last year
house half burnt down to the ground.
search thru the junk ,
find a book on chopping off the dink.
found home of the cat my cat,
my friend, stinky.
search the basement
treasures chests
water dripping on fan belts
and the tide rolls by leaving its wringy wet effects,
suite case
upon coloured tortoise shell suite case,
clutter racked
heaped upon each other
spewing its magic paper cut intestines.
lets take a look see shall we?
weird letters from space
too much mercury in his teeth.
keep on movin on,
cat drinks aluminium
tide green water
from an open clam shell suite case
glowing gold green
bowling  trophies
chester trests.
check bathroom,
came across old guitar
thieve the tape
lift a shovel
find a tombstone

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