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the heavy metal janitor journals (part 2)

10:20 am  (in the work van) winter 1998

We got the call from *Penis Fart at 10:30 am to go to an outdoor public washroom near the river. Our orders were to remove graffiti from the washroom walls, interior and exterior…. We had 45 minutes to complete this menial task.

We were having our 2nd coffee break of the morning at the time of the call. We were sitting in the white work van. We usually used the van opposed to the 1/4  ton truck when we have floor jobs on our list of horrible jobs to accomplish that day. Bad cat was sipping coffee and eating a donut, I had tea and was snacking on one of my vegan sandwiches. Like most mornings I hastily slopped it together 4 minutes before work. (I don’t drink Coffee because it  makes me sick and can cause me to shit my pants.)  Bad cat had a grimy little company cell phone that was used as a locating device by Penis Fart.  He kept it in his jacket pocket for safe keeping. I think that phone gave him some sense of importance, all though he would never admit to it.  Perhaps Bad Cat could pretend he had a somewhat respectable job when it rang in public. We both were well aware we had a loser job. Hell we were looked down at even by the lowliest of  convenience store employees. People would say hi to a 50-year-old convicted pedophile paper boy before they would acknowledge our existence. On a scale of 1-10 of  degrading jobs, 10 being the most degrading, we were easily a 13…

*Penis Fart  – A name Bad Cat came up with for our boss, remind me to explain later……

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