a free ride inside my diseased mind.

The Heavy Metal Janitor Journals (part 1)

“The shadows looked like dead cats strewn across the lawns…………..the insane helplessness just laying there, lifeless, drawing on yourself, the ink spots, your white bellied skin like a dead fish and the water keeps dripping. The mind wanders down the faucets endless maze of pipes chased by a screaming echo of instant realisementation.” -me.

Me and the bad cat had just started our day. It was winter time. Bleak, hostile and hung over. The bad cat always drove the vehicle when we worked together. It was kind of an unwritten general rule. He was older, worked for the company longer and more of a in control kind of guy.

Bad cat lit a smoke and rolled down his window half way, allowing the cold prairie world an all access pass into  our once warm and filthy sanctum. I didn’t mind though, I needed the cold to wake me up. It also momentarily served as a broom, sweeping away the rot of garbage and piss stained rags that perfumed our truck cab.

I cant remember if I smoked back then. Doesn’t really matter I guess. The bad cat smoked enough for both of us and then some. Bad Cat. That he was. Why do i am call him that? Well he looked and acted like one. He had cat features, glowing blue green eyes, mood shifters. He or rather it had bleach blond spiked hair with black roots, a bum chin, and a perpetual 5’oclock shadow. Even at 7 am.

Bad cat always wore a dirty Philadelphia  Flyers bomber. The filth that stained his coat served as a map of our jobs. That crusty bit on the sleeves was floor polish. The blue dye stain was from a carcinogenic floor cleaner we had to pour in the riding floor cleaner. Whats the name of that machine? Its like a  mall version of a Zamboni. I could never really get the hang of it, I remember this short bossy dyke rode one like she was a rodeo queen.  The brown stains on the jacket were from all the cheap coffee he was prone to drinking. He would hold the coffee cup with one hand lightly touching the lid, and the other hand holding the body of the paper cup. It’s hard to explain exactly how he did it, kind of like how a bad cat would hold a coffee cup I guess.  I’ll explain the rest of the stains at a later date. Remind me….

for 10.00 bux I’ll send you a signed 8.5×11 print out of this post with an original drawing on it by me!

please help feed the weirdness 🙂


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