a free ride inside my diseased mind.

cold lethargia

cold lethargia

the jog will help me keep sane.

my cold is blood.
its summer but i am cold.
its that lethargia cool
everything i touch pulls on the veins
stretching them
a human piano.
a fly buzzing by yer head
is enough reason to kill.
every key
i touch
presses the wrong key
writing some other persons story.

the house i share is full of crumbs
little flakes of dried up vegetable leafs
on the scorned linoleum
black marks created from dropped knives
and black boot wearing.

bacteria form elaborate colonies
in the cuts
torn plastic skin.
the roommate is a parasite
excreting a strange smell
it smells like gossipers and rumours,
it smells like masturbation and loneliness
its, not mine.

it thieves my food
drinking my refrigerated liquids
and eating away at my mind.


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