a free ride inside my diseased mind.

alone on a stone

lowered lower
than the lowest low
on a lawn mowing mowers
i go.
a fragment of dirt
hitchhiking across time.
garbage bags of memories
surround me
reminding me of my enemy.
a searchlight is nice
when used looking for lice.
an echo plays echo
with a young boy
with freckles…
well lets just say
i spend most of the day
getting dirty
in the evening.
small things arouse the mind
most of the time.
kramming and krunking
its constantly dumping.
strange ditties in the cities.

alone on a stone
counting beans in my jeans.
touch it with a stick
try and make yourself sick.
perhaps you should go to the market
and buy a new carpet.
this one is getting old
and smells like toad mould.

wasted sundays
and even filthier mondays.
tongue depressers
pills and pain
for the brain.
alone on a stone
just me
this soul
that i


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One thought on “alone on a stone

  1. Robert on said:

    You need together weather,
    whether (or maybe not)
    you cry like a shot…

    This happiness thing
    isn’t all that it’s
    cracked up
    (and bought) to be,
    for that matter.
    Mad as a Hare
    or a Hatter
    who takes his tea
    in a bowl
    and with a mouse
    and a young lass
    who fell
    down a hole.

    Take a poll, pal.

    Your fowl weather friends
    outnumber the pain
    of the bends
    when you surface again.

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