a free ride inside my diseased mind.

my version

This painting is a bunch of drunk perverts wasting their lives and money away at a bar. I painted it on wood panel. It’s actually the back of a painting. In order to keep wood panel from warping a large X should be painted on the back. I like how the X looked and decided to paint on top of it. You can notice some of the white X in the right hand bottom corner. XXX.

I recently illustrated a book on William S.Burroughs, and used this painting as a painting on his wall in a room. Painting, painting, painting.XXX. Are we all confused yet.

I like the sketchy/raw feel of the painting. One wouldn’t think, but it’s very difficult to leave something raw. It’s easy to push a painting too far, eventually loosing its charm. It’s also easy to lay in a pile of slime and do nothing.

The painting behind the bartender is based on some of my early drawings. I realized I signed this painting about 4 times. One can never be to careful these days. Once I had an art critique write a newspaper review on of my solo shows. This is what it said, “Lyle Schultz is not afraid to sign his own paintings.” One of my best reviews so far!

Maybe I will  just sell paintings that consist of my name over and over. Perhaps in different colors, you know, so they don’t get mundane. Mix it up a bit. Maybe I will just collect jars of my jizz and use them as an under coat on my art to save money. Maybe in the future scientists can scrape the dried slime off of the paintings and reproduce an army of me. Maybe you would like to buy a painting before I get evicted. Or Maybe you would like to pet a small brown snail for good luck.




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