a free ride inside my diseased mind.

part 2 Transferengenic: (a true story about a fake paramedic)

illustration by Micheal Lee Macdonald

translation juice.

I have been hanging out at the cafe for a good solid week now. Watching and learning. The dialect is mood forming. I have some kind of pain in my dink, I am beginning to think it’s all in my head. Ha!

Most of my monthly allowance has been spent on a weird language deciphering juice. The juice is available in many different colors and flavors. Each color and flavor represents a different dialect, region, and/or class of language. You can even order shots of medicated liquid that speed up the translation absorption rate. To become a professional translation mixologist takes great skill and involves years of dedicated study. If given a bad mix one could end up frying their cerebral cortex, permanently.

Its hotter than a boiled pig in this place! It seems no matter where I sit I am constantly being blasted by industrial rusted heating ducts. It’s an odd heat. Hard to explain. Damp perhaps. I don’t mind it, reminds me of the jungle. Not that i have ever been to a jungle.

Most of the planets energy is produced from movement. Transferengenic Kinetics. Huge glass rooms are filled with accelerated fungoid growth, enormous insects, and sloth like creatures. The movement of various winged things rutting and fucking in swamp slime help create the heat. A varying array of Pheromones are pumped into the cells hourly. The synthetic pheromones trick the creatures, inducing certain sexual proclivities.

The heating system is very problematic and wasteful at the best of times. The quarantined creatures require copious amounts of food and water to power their bodies. Food for these subservient power slaves is collected, or perhaps forcibly stolen is a more accurate assessment. Thieved from primitive planets in the surrounding galaxy.

It’s all a political device. Most of the planets inhabitants are brain washed into thinking they need a certain amount of heat every day or they will perish. The companies that control the heat also control the health board. The facts are constantly askew.


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