a free ride inside my diseased mind.

M Zone.

I made this painting (M Zone) a couple of years back. Dark times. It was winter.Rainy,and cold. I was living in my old place, I had a huge 2 bedroom studio apartment all to myself. I crammed everything into the smallest room. Lived in filth and painted in it. I tend to live in large places I can’t afford. I also tend to cram everything into one room. Kind of like a nest or something.

This painting mostly  deals with feelings of betrayal and lost love. Broken hearts seem to help create art, or did. Now I am just numb. I was drinking lots of red wine in that period. Like most of my paintings this one has about 10 other paintings underneath it. The Pink vertical rectangle on the upper left hand side was created by ripping some tape off, inadvertently displaying another layer of paint underneath it. Happy accidents. My friend Michelle purchased this painting. Interesting how her name starts with an M. I was practicing a fair amount of majic during this period. Some black some white.

I created most of this painting with my finger nails, hands, and a steak knife. I  painted it on wood panel. I like wood panel for aggressive paintings, it can take a beating.

M Zone has some imagery mixed in with the dark chaos. There is a table with plates on it, the plates are vortexes. Also some angels hanging upside down. Kind of reminds me of an ancient painting i saw in a bible once. It was set in hell, at a dinner. The table was long, heaped with piles of savory dishes. At the head of the table was Lord Satan, grinning form horn to horn. A myriad of demons were seated around the great feast. The demons had thin gray skin, red eyes,bloated malnourished bellies, and greatly exaggerated appendages.  Arms so long they could not feed themselves, and souls so black they wouldn’t think to feed each other.


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