a free ride inside my diseased mind.

part 1 Transferengenic: (a true story about a fake paramedic)

the cafe.

A dark cafe. Perverts of all walks of life frequent this shit hole. The air is a vapourhaze of smoke, old sex cologne, and memory waste. You see, on this planet, thoughts materialize. The residue of thoughts form a multi colored mist in the air. If your not careful you can reveal too much.

This particular planet is governed by a perverse mongrel named Sanitary Larry. He or rather “it” is quite mad and forces new time zones on different states with the flip of a coin. He made the days half the size, promising longer life.

Christmas lights hang on the walls reflected by mirrors and transparent shark skin. The shark skin is dried and stretched. It resembles grey hymens on clothes lines. Thoughts can be permanently branded on the skin and then sold to the client, a strange souvenir of a memory long since erased.

Me? what do I do on this planet? Not much, I just listen, report stories, and try not to fall in love.


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